In-Home Child Care


We embrace children & families into our own USABratts Family by including them as partners in child care.

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Event Child Care


USABratts will provide peace of mind that your guests’ children will be cared for & nurtured while you are attending your special event.

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USABratts provides service in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Coming soon to Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Southern Oklahoma

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Strong Bonds Care

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We are honored to work with the SBP. We bring everything needed to make the Strong Bonds Retreat a special event for your children.

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In-Home Family Centered Child Care



In-Home Family Centered Child Care

At USABratts we strive to provide a high quality, safe, nurturing and culturally sensitive environment that supports collaboration between professional caregivers, and families. We embrace children and families into our own USABratts Family by including them as partners in child care. We listen when you speak for your children, we invite you to be our teachers. We do this because when everyone is working together, the children get the best care available.

These values underpin our philosophy of care:

  • We commit to providing Service that nurtures the family and respects the individual.
  • We commit to providing the highest Quality of coordinated care through safe, evidence-based practices that are transparent and information-rich.
  • We commit to spirit of Teamwork through mutually beneficial partnerships that support collaboration among professional caregivers, and families.

Philosophy of Care
With an unwavering commitment to family centered care, USABratts vision is to provide a high-quality, safe, nurturing and culturally-sensitive environment that supports a collaboration between professional caregivers, and families.

Principles of Family Centered Care:
Dignity and Respect for the Family: We listen to you and your family. Your values, beliefs and cultures are incorporated into the planning and delivery of child care.

Complete and unbiased information sharing in ways that are affirming and useful: We create an atmosphere where two-way information is shared openly and candidly among families and caregivers.

Family participation in child care planning and delivery to provide enhanced control and independence: We welcome and encourage your participation in your child's care and care planning.

Families As Partners
At USABratts, we're reaching out to families. We are asking you to be our partners – partners in caring for your children, partners in making policies and guiding practices and most importantly, partnering for a safe nurturing environment.

Viewing family members as essential allies has changed the way we take care of children. Parents and other family members are natural advocates for their children. You understand your child's needs in ways that go deeper than family centered child care. Simply put, you know what's best for your child.

Partnering with families is one of the most important things we do at USABratts. Many of our changes and improvements have been made based on direct advice from our partners. Some have been driven by our response to the influence they bring to bear. We are grateful to each and every one and realize that we are just beginning to be a better organization because of partners like you.

Military Strong Bonds Retreat Child Care



Strong Bonds Program Retreat Child Care:

USABratts provides peace of mind while you are attending your Strong Bonds Program Retreat. We have the capability of coming to any of the Strong Bonds Progam Retreats in the Greater Southwest Region of the United States and providing care for the smallest guests. We bring everything needed to make the Strong Bonds Program Retreat a special event for your children.

The Strong Bonds Couple's Program is offered by the U.S. Army and led by Army Chaplains, couples from all military branches and components are welcome to attend.

The Army's Strong Bonds Couples Program Helps Military Marriages

Enrichment Retreats and Courses for Servicemembers and their Spouses

Today's military couples face multiple deployments, numerous PCS moves, training and a host of other elements related to the military lifestyle – and that's in addition to the normal daily responsibilities of parenting, maintaining a household, community/volunteer work, managing a career and/or education related goals. Under these circumstances even the healthiest of marriages may feel strained.

In an effort to help service members and their spouses cope with the various demands placed on military marriages, the Army offers marriage enrichment retreats and courses through their Strong Bonds Couples Program.

All of the retreats and courses are conducted by military chaplains and are held in a relaxing atmosphere such as a hotel or resort.

USABratts is honored to offer Family Centered Child Care for the Strong Bonds Program Retreats.



When USABratts is attending to children at your event, children in care will be engaged, entertained and nurtured. We will provide developmentally appropriate activities, games, puzzle and arts/crafts for the group.

Infants and toddlers will be given extensive attention. Infants will be held, rocked, cuddled, soothed and comforted. Toddlers and preschoolers will be allowed to wiggle and move. They are encouraged to discover the world around them. We provide toys and activities that promote growth and development.

School age children will be allowed to create art or do a fun craft. We will provide board games, physical activities as well as age appropriate movies to allow them to relax.


USABratts only hires qualified individuals. Everyone that works for USABratts on any level must pass a background check every six months.

All employees must have training in: basic first aid, CPR, SIDS, Shaken baby prevention.

Along with specialized training provided by USABratts to ensure the best care and customer service in the industry.

When you hire a sitter, nanny or event staff, rest assured that you have hired the best people in the child care field.

Many of the caregivers employed by USABratts are current public education teachers, full-time caregivers in licensed child care facilities and preschools.

Only individuals interested in the promotion of proper development and safety of young children are employed.

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“USABratts” is a play on words. No, we are not calling children brats. My last name is Brattain, we are a military family, the name Army Brat is a term used in the military. Therefore if you take “USA” and the first part of my last name “Bratt” you get USABratts.

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